Common Question

How much is your music?  There are many factors affecting “cost” so here’s a few things to consider:

  • Length of music
  • Number of instruments
  • Complexity of song
  • Completion date
  • Backlog/Waiting list

How long does it take for your to make music?  With the factors mentioned above, composing music takes anywhere between 2-3 days all the way to 3-4 weeks.

Is all of your music free to use?  No.  Only the music listed as “free royalty-free”.  The premium royalty-free is free of royalties but does require you to purchase a license to obtain.  If you use this music without purchasing it, your video will be claimed and you will not be able to control monetization.

Where can I find your sheet music for your songs?  Most of it will be in the “Shop” page and some of it will be on the “Downloads” page.

Recording Gear

What software do you use?  There’s different softwares so I’ll give you a break down for each one and what it does:

  • Recording/Tracking – for recording live instruments of midi/virtual instruments, I use Logic Pro X.
  • Virtual Instruments – for most of the instruments you hear in my music, I use Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate along with some other stand along plugins
  • Mixing/Mastering – for mixing and mastering I use Pro Tools since it is the industry standard.  I use Logic becuase it has a lot of native instruments not transferrable to Pro Tools so I track everything in Logic and then transfer to Pro Tools.

What kind of microphone(s) do you use?  Since there are so many factors involved in recording I will only list the brand of microphones I work with:

  • MXL
  • SPC
  • Audio Technica
  • Shure
  • Sennheizer

What other hardware do you use?  For user interfaces and channel pre amps I use the “Komplete Audio 6” and “M-Audio Quad Track”.

Performance Gear

Flute: Gemeinhardt Model 3

Clarinet – Yamaha YCL-450

Soprano – Chateau Soprano VCH-S820L
Alto – Selmer Paris Serie II Model 52
Tenor – Selmer Paris Serie II Model 52
Baritone – Chateau Baritone VCH-1200

Meyer 7M for Soprano, Alto, and Baritone Saxophones.
Ponzol M2 Plus 110 for Tenor Saxophone.

Légère Signature #3